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    Arrow WCDDL3 WarezEurope - Pre Modded

    I thought it was about time I added a theme.

    The Theme contains
    1. Wcddl3.
    2. Rss Feeds for categories.
    3. Site ratings.
    4. Users Online.
    5. Custom Pages.
    6. SEO mod - Custom page titles, meta data (set in ACP)
    7. Report Downloads on leftbar.
    8. Icons for download types.
    9. Short Date shown for downloads.
    10. Advertisement placement ready.
    11. Sample Database contains downloads.
    12. Total Downloads on index.

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    I've always liked that theme.

    Thanks for the share Gavo
    Need a style ported to WCDDL? PM for a price

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    It looks great. Thanks for sharing

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    I updated it a little, If you are running the files on a site there is no need to download everything again.

    In /modules/wcddl_rss.php, Remove line 38, begins with eval.


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    its not showing provided by?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gavo View Post
    In /modules/wcddl_rss.php, Remove line 38, begins with eval.
    If someone do it then he will get not working rss module because this line includes encoded part of sql query which loads data.

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